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The 32-Week Health Care Aide Government of Alberta Provincial Curriculum (2019) Certificate Program is licensed by the Ministry of Alberta Advanced Education through Alberta Health Services. We offer in-person classes: Day Program or an Evening Program in Lethbridge. This hands-on program will prepare individuals to work in essential services on the frontline in continuing care facilities, lodges, hospitals, clinics, as well as in community homecare.

The program consists of classroom learning (theory and lab skills), and three clinical placements in assisted living and in long-term continuing care facilities.

Program Courses
1207 - (C1) HCA Role and Responsibility

Credits 3
This course introduces you to the exciting and challenging role of being a Health Care Aide. You will learn the importance of promoting client wellness and independence in a safe environment, and also how to give care safely for yourself and your client.

1208 - (C2) The Human Body, Health Chronic Illness

Credits 3
This course introduces you to the basic structure and function of the body and the various stages and tasks of human growth and development with a focus on healthy aging and independence. With the introduction of each system, chronic conditions and pain associated with them are discussed also.

1209 - (C3) Communication and Documentation in the Health Care Environment

Credits 4
This course emphasizes the importance of effective communication with clients, team members and supervisors. Communication strategies such as constructive feedback that can prevent or help you manage conflict. You will also discuss culture and diversity, and how to document your observations as you learn about speech, language, hearing and vision impairments.

1210 - (C4) Providing Person-Centred Care and Comfort

Credits 5
This course is focused on skills needed to provide quality care to the client. You will learn about ambulation and mobility, positioning and transferring clients using good body mechanics. You will practice skills of bed making, assisting with elimination and assisting clients at mealtimes with knowledge of food safety.

1211 - (C5) Clinical Placement 1

Credits 3
The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the practical hands-on portion of giving care in a facility with a clinical instructor.

1212 - (C6) Meeting Complex Care Needs

Credits 5
This course will assist you in understanding range of motion and the importance of the client’s ability to move independently. It is also important to understand how to prevent wounds, assist with enteral nutrition (tube feeds), assist with urinary drainage systems, ostomy care, specimen collection, measuring vital signs, assist with oxygen needs and medication assistance.

1213 - (C7) Special Activities for Clients with Various Health Conditions

Credits 5
This course provides information and learning experiences when assisting infant care, child care, clients with diagnosis of dementia, and mental health disorders. You will gain a better understanding of clients who are physically disabled or developmentally delayed. You will be able to understand the role and responsibility of a health care aide working the palliative and end-of-life care as you meet the needs of a dying client with compassionate person-centred care.

1214 - (C8) Clinical Placement 2

Credits 5
This is the second clinical placement that is the practical hands-on portion of giving care in the facility under the supervision of a clinical instructor.

1215 - (C9) Consolidated Clinical Placement 3

Credits 3
This is the final clinical placement course where you will practice the role of the Health Care Aide by working under the direction of a regulated health care professional (RN or LPN) and buddied with a Health Care Aide in your assigned facility.

What to Expect

The program curriculum is designed to provide person-centred care approach and HCA “CARE” principles, to assist learners to be better equipped to provide the best quality of ethical care. The person-centred approach was specifically developed to highlight the core principles and unique responsibilities of HCAs in Alberta.

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Instructors work interactively with you and encourage dialogue. The curriculum is designed to provide opportunities in the learning environment for you to actively engage with the subject matter.

Lab Skills

During lab skills, you will encounter simulated real life scenarios that allow you to be guided through an experience and assists you with applying your newly acquired knowledge. Simulation-based training allows you to develop skills, while protecting patients from unnecessary risks.

Clinical Placement Experience

The clinical placement component consists of three separate courses designed to give you the opportunity to incorporate the theoretical and practical knowledge gained in the HCA program within a clinical setting.

***Learners will have met the theory requirements and laboratory skills (practice and assessment) before they are permitted in the clinical setting as legislated by government bodies. Training Inc. pre-arranges placements and determines the terms and conditions.
Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) coverage is provided during the placement.
Students receive a program handbook outlining the programs’ policies and expectations


Students must pass the Alberta Provincial health Care Aide examination in order to graduate and receive certification. The examination fee is included in the tuition (one-time writing fee). Training Inc. will issue the Health Care Aide – Government of Alberta Provincial Curriculum Certificate upon completion and graduation from the program. The minimum passing grade of 70% is required.

Health Care Aide Directory

Graduates are required by Alberta Health to register into the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory. Training Inc. is required to provide the names of graduates to the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory.

Our graduates are often hired by the facility they completed their placement with and starting wages are competitive.

Career Opportunities

Completion of this provincially recognized certification program provides you with the opportunity to work as a certified Health Care Aide anywhere in Alberta. You will earn excellent wages and this is a fantastic career option where you can work in a variety of settings, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Individual Clients
  • Private Health Care Providers
  • Physician Offices
  • Continuing Care/Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Home Care/Family Care Associations
  • Government Social Services Departments and Agencies
  • Not-for-Profit Charitable Agencies

Employment Rate

Lethbridge: 89%
Pincher Creek: 80%

Program Start Dates


Class Schedule
Start Dates:
Day Program
September 3, 2024
April 16, 2025
Application Deadline:
Evening Program
September 3, 2024
April 16, 2025
Application Deadline:

Class Schedule
Start Dates:
Day Program
Application Deadline:
Class Schedule
Start Dates:
Application Deadline:
Program Tuition and Fees

Tuition: $8,700

Books: $700

Total cost: $9,400


– Total cost covers one Provincial Exam.

No additional costs are added to Total Cost


Different funding options are available

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A non-refundable registration fee of $500.00 must accompany the registration of self-funded students in order to guarantee enrolment. The registration fee will be deducted from the program cost. Students will be required to pay the remaining fees two weeks before the start date (during office hours).

Government Grants

The Government of Alberta is currently offering a grant to current and future Health Care Aide student. For more information on the available grant and eligibility requirements, click on the link below:

Alberta Health Care Aide Bursaries

Alberta Student Aid

For other payment methods, financial grants and resources, and tax form(s), visit our Student Resource Page

Admission Requirements
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A copy of your high school transcript is needed of enrollment. If you do not have a copy of your transcript, visit myPass Alberta to request a copy.

Academic English Language Arts (ELA)

Candidates do not require a high school diploma; however they must meet the following requirements/equivalencies:

  • A minimum grade of 60% in Grade 11 English (English 20-2) or deemed Equivalent by completion of ACCUPLACER (assessment placement test)

English Language Profieciency (ELP)

Applicants where English is a Second Language (ESL) must meet the English Language Proficiency requirement in addition to the Academic English Requirement. Equivalencies are as follows:

  • Required Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 of a minimum of 7 in each of the following 4 language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) not an average of 7; or
  • Studies in English at an approved Canadian high school (grades 9, 10, 11, 12) with at least three consecutive years full-time academic study; or
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic: 6 (no section score below 5.5); or
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Testing (TOEFL iBT): 71; or
  • Canadian English Language Proficient Indext Program (CELPIP) General: 7 (with no section score below 6); or
  • Canadian Language Benchmarks/Milestones Test (7 in each strand, not an average of 7)

Criminal Record Check

A clear, recent criminal record check with vulnerable sector clearance prior to the start of the program

Immunization Record

The following immunizations prior to the program are needed:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Both COVID-19 vaccinations

Additional immunizations may be required depending on the facility.

Meet Your Instructor
Health Care Aide Instructor

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Mercy Lar graduated as a Registered Nurse in December 2005 in Maryland, USA. Mercy worked for seven years in Acute Care, Long Term Care, and Home Care. In 2012 Mercy and her family moved to Lethbridge, and she worked in both Long Term Care as well as Home Care Nursing. Mercy currently works at Training Inc. as a Health Care Instructor with the evening class, and facilitates the diversity component of the Security Professional Training program.
Health Care Aide Instructor

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Wanda is the day class Health Care Aide Instructor at Training Inc. She is a Licenced Practical Nurse, and has been for the past 17 years. Prior to becoming an LPN, she worked in long-term care facilities. Equaling  24 years of experience in the field. Wanda believes that respecting each other while sharing each other’s experiences creates a great learning environment.

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