Admissions Policy

Policy Statement
Training Inc. Vocational School has requirements for admitting learners into programs. The admission requirements are fair, equal, and published so that everyone can see them. Training Inc. Vocational School follows the ideal “first qualified, first admitted.” This means that qualified learners are accepted in the order they apply to the school.
Policy Purpose
The purpose of admission requirements is to make sure that learners are prepared for their programs and can be successful. This policy makes sure admissions requirements and procedures are clear, fair, and equal.
Policy Main Objectives

The School has admissions requirements for all School programs. These requirements are publicly available.

  1. The School has the right to deny admission. This means the School has the right to not allow a learner to study in a program.
  2. The School will not normally admit anyone who owes money to the School.
  3. When a learner is not admitted to a program, he or she may be admitted to a different program or a different intake.
  4. When the waitlist for a program is full, the School will not accept any more applications for that intake.
  • Admission and admit: Accepting learners into a program
  • Admission criteria: The requirements for getting into a program
  • Applicant: A person who is applying for a program
  • Intake: A start time to a program. Programs have different intakes (different start dates)
  • School: Training Inc. Vocational School

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